L'OR EspressO | Exubérance

CLIENT : L’OR Espresso / AGENCY: Saatchi & Saatchi+duke / FILM PRODUCTION : STUDIO WHITE / BLACK no Milk no Sugar
FILM DIRECTOR : Cyril Masson for BLACK / CO-DIRECTOR : Benoit Tételin for BLACK / DOP : Greg Mamou for BLACK.
CHOREGRAPHER : Sylvie Imadali for BLACK / DANCER : Daniel Ralph M’Faya for BLACK
DIGITAL PRODUCTION : Casus Belli / POST-PRODUCTION : Jmage for BLACK / MUSIC : Biban Records for BLACK

Saatchi & Saatchi+duke asked us if we could produce 3 interactive film experiences in collaboration with Casus Belli for the first web-exclusive launch of L’Or EspressO.
They had in mind to illustrate the inspirations of the Master Blenders through 3 highly elegant, poetic and interactive film experiences.
Our motivation was to deliver experiences that would immerse the audience in the Master Blender universe, and invite the user to play with it, making his own creation before sharing it with his friends.
We met a few challenges along the road on different levels. First, how to translate the Creation character and aromatic profile in very short interactive films in a poetic way?
Second, how to make it interactive and keeping it highly elegant, reflecting the high quality of L’OR EspressO Creations ? Last of all, how to make it in less than a month ?
The result is 3 unique experiences :
PASSION : the user can interact with a dancer to create his own living sculpture.
SERENITE : he can blow on an infinity of papers to make them fly while a man starts a poetic walk
EXUBERANCE : he can create his own choreography by turning on or off 4 dancers and musical instruments.